WOLFEBORO, N.H. – Donald Trump opted out of joining his nine rivals in the 2024 Republican presidential race in marching in July 4th parades in Iowa and New Hampshire. Nevertheless, Trump’s significant lead in national polls, which has been bolstered by recent indictments in New York City and a Florida federal court, sets him apart from his competitors for the nomination. He currently enjoys 56% support among likely GOP primary voters, according to the latest Fox News national poll, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis trailing at 22% and the rest of the candidates in single digits. Trump’s lead has been steadily expanding since winter.

Trump also holds a solid lead in recent surveys conducted in Iowa and New Hampshire, the two states that kick off the Republican presidential nominating calendar. A top Trump campaign adviser, requesting anonymity, expressed confidence in Trump’s status as the frontrunner, stating, “it’s full speed ahead from the Trump side of things.” The campaign plans to remain active on the campaign trail, unveiling new policies and contrasting with President Joe Biden’s leadership. The adviser emphasized the campaign’s continued attention on DeSantis, the second-ranking candidate in the race.

Trump’s dominance is not limited to polls. In the second quarter of 2023, he raised considerable campaign funds, making him the first sitting or former president in U.S. history to be charged with a crime. Trump faces 37 felony charges related to various indictments, including allegations of hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and retention of classified records, among others. Despite his legal issues, Trump’s support among GOP primary voters remains strong.

Republican strategist Jim Merrill acknowledged Trump’s position as the current frontrunner but emphasized the interest in other candidates in New Hampshire. He noted that while Trump may hold the top spot, the race is far from over. The upcoming GOP primary debates may provide an opportunity for Trump’s rivals to make a difference, although standing out in a crowded field presents its challenges.

The Trump campaign appears unfazed by the debates, expressing confidence in their plans for the future months. The anonymous adviser highlighted the advantage of Trump’s prior campaign experience and his understanding of the importance of his current efforts.

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