Climate activists in Germany stirred up chaos at two airports on Thursday by attaching themselves to the runways in opposition to the environmental harm caused by mass transit. This resulted in significant delays and numerous flight cancellations.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing expressed his disapproval of the Last Generation, the group responsible for the protest, labeling them as engaging in criminal activities. The Last Generation demanded stricter government measures to lower greenhouse gas emissions, including immediate plans to reduce emissions in the transportation sector. They criticized officials for lacking a strategy to combat the climate crisis.

Following the airport disruptions, the activists continued their protests on Friday by targeting traffic in Munich. One member of the group cemented themselves to the street, while others adhered themselves to it using a similar method employed during the airport protests on Thursday. These actions took place on July 14, 2023, at the Stachus in Munich.

In a previous protest in April, the group had glued themselves to the streets of Berlin to impede traffic to the Alps, once again aiming to disrupt holiday plans of residents and travelers.

In response to the airport protests, the group issued a statement criticizing the Transport Ministry for relying on “technological flexibility” instead of presenting a concrete plan to prevent emissions and meet the legally required emissions reduction target.

The activists face charges of disturbing the peace, coercive behavior, and dangerous interference with aviation. Transport Minister Wissing and Justice Minister Marco Buschmann accused the protesters of dividing society and ruining the vacation plans of others.

German prosecutors conducted raids in May at the homes of several Last Generation members on suspicions of supporting or belonging to a criminal organization.

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