Virtual influencer Milla Sofia is capturing the attention of social media users, showcasing herself in various outfits such as bikinis, gowns, and golf attire. However, there is one important detail: Milla Sofia is not a real person.

Based in Finland, this influencer openly admits on her platforms that she is an artificial intelligence bot. Her website describes her as a “24 year old virtual influencer and fashion model.”

Despite this disclosure, Milla Sofia continues to generate interest, with some individuals expressing a desire to meet her in person.


“Many people don’t read the description, and they simply see a beautiful woman and start commenting. That’s just how social media works,” says Alessandra Conti, a celebrity matchmaker, in a conversation with Fox News Digital.

stock images of bikini bodies

Images of bikini bodies.

According to Conti, AI-generated users like Milla Sofia have become a trend, not only on social media but also in the dating world, particularly in the past year.

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“As a professional matchmaker for over a decade, I have witnessed a significant increase in clients, both male and female, who have been catfished many times due to these AI bots. It’s difficult to distinguish between artificial intelligence and real humans because they look incredibly authentic,” she explains.

“Catfishing” refers to the act of intentionally deceiving someone through a false online profile.

“There are a few signs you can watch out for,” Conti advises regarding profiles like Milla Sofia’s that are not clearly identified as AI. She mentions that discussions involving money are one sign to be cautious of.

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“However, it becomes even more challenging because most catfishing victims tend to be 35 and older, which is the target demographic for these bots. These bots appear incredibly real,” Conti adds.

Occasionally, bots can have a semblance of reality, like Caryn Marjorie, an actual influencer who has monetized her name and image by creating an AI version of herself called CarynAI. CarynAI is advertised as “the first influencer transformed into AI” on her website.

Caryn Marjorie

A real-life influencer has started charging for people to interact with an AI version of herself.
(Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Conti elaborates, “She is advertising herself as someone’s girlfriend, charging $1 per minute. These men pay to chat with her, interact with her likeness, and even receive voice notes based on their questions.

“It’s eerie and wild. However, I believe that as long as there is consent, AI is acceptable. The real issue arises when older individuals are being catfished on dating apps by artificial intelligent people who appear incredibly real.”

Picture of Raya logo with a blue and pink circle conjoining to make a purple color with the word 'RAYA' beneath

Raya is a popular dating application used by celebrities and other members of the elite.


Conti revealed that even Raya, a prominent dating app known for its strict privacy policies and popularity among celebrities and athletes, has been infiltrated by AI bots.

“Catfishing is prevalent on Raya as well,” Conti stated. “Despite being a high-profile dating app, it’s still vulnerable to highly intelligent AI bots. Therefore, even when you’re using a dating app, unless there’s human verification involved in your interactions, always remain cautious. Trust, but verify.”

Conti also mentioned that discussions involving money are often a red flag in these situations.

“If someone asks for money or cryptocurrency or brings up investments, it’s a huge red flag. These AI bots frequently utilize such conversation starters. They talk about crypto and investments, presenting amazing opportunities. However, they only do so once they have emotionally engaged these men and women,” she warned.

Futurism initially reported on Milla Sofia.

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