No goals were scored during the soccer match between Argentino de Merlo and Sacachispas. However, a bizarre series of events unfolded on the field as a player appeared to urinate.

Argentine soccer player Leonel Ovejero received a red card from the referees and was eventually ejected from the match.

Ovejero seemed to pull down his pants and attempt to urinate while a player from the opposing team was being evaluated for an injury during Tuesday’s match.

Soccer ball used for an Argentina match

Adidas Al Hilm the Official match Ball the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 prior to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 semi final match between Argentina and Croatia at Lusail Stadium on December 13, 2022 in Lusail City, Qatar.
(Tnani Badreddine/Defodi Images via Getty Images)

There were approximately 11 minutes remaining in the match at Juan Carlos Brieva Stadium in Buenos Aires when officials halted the on-field play.

Moments later, the referee showed Ovejero a red card and ejected him from the match, which surprised many of the fans in the stands. Ovejero himself appeared to be in disbelief, placing his hands over his head and covering his face.

A soccer goal post

A soccer goal post cross bar.  
(Adam Davy – PA Images via Getty Images)

The on-field reporter then provided some insight into the reason for Ovejero’s sudden ejection.

“He dropped his pants and urinated on the pitch,” the reporter said during the broadcast. When questioned about whether Ovejero had indeed committed the act, the reporter referenced the official who stated, “I swear, the fourth man (official) is saying it.”

Ovejero’s team had to play the remainder of the game at a disadvantage due to the striker’s ejection.

“The guy can’t believe it,” one of the commentators said. “He couldn’t hold it?”

As of Wednesday, neither Argentino de Merlo nor the league has publicly announced whether Ovejero will face any additional punishment.

Argentine goalkeeper Joaquín Pucheta also appeared to urinate during a match in Ecuador in April 2021. He was ultimately suspended for six matches for “committing obscene acts.”

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