Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger claims that the future artificial intelligence technology predicted in the iconic “Terminator” franchise has now become a reality.

Speaking at a Los Angeles event honoring the 75-year-old Austrian-born actor and his limited edition photo book, Schwarzenegger noted the similarities between today’s real-world AI technology and the AI portrayed in the 80s action epic he starred in.

“Now, over the course of decades, it has become a reality,” Schwarzenegger claimed. He also praised “Terminator” filmmaker James Cameron for his accurate predictions about the future.

Arnold Schwarzenegger smiling

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently claimed that AI tech has reached the level predicted in the ‘Terminator’ movie franchise. (Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

The ‘Terminator’ film franchise, which started in 1984, revolves around a conflict between humans and self-aware robots that seek to exterminate humanity.

Although that future hasn’t become a reality yet, Schwarzenegger asserted during the event that AI technology has come close to what was envisioned in the science fiction film.

Referring to the film’s portrayal of AI, Schwarzenegger said, “Today, everyone is frightened of it, of where this is going. And in this movie, in ‘Terminator,’ we talk about the machines becoming self-aware and taking over.”

Leading tech and science experts, including SpaceX CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk, have voiced concerns similar to those expressed by Schwarzenegger. Musk recently stated, “Arguably, we are on the event horizon of the black hole that is artificial superintelligence.”

Musk doesn’t believe AI will try to destroy humanity, but he warned that it could exert strict controls over our lives. Referring to the ‘Terminator’ franchise, Musk added that there is a “non-zero chance of [AI] going full ‘Terminator'” in the future.

Arnold Schwarzenegger holding a weapon in a scene from 'Terminator,' where he is wearing a brown leather jacket
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