President Biden criticized the U.S. Supreme Court for its recent ruling on affirmative action, even though he had previously been involved in the fight against school desegregation. In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court rejected the use of race as a determining factor in college admissions, citing a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. This decision was seen as a blow to affirmative action policies at major universities that aimed to create a more diverse campus by favoring Black and Hispanic students over White and Asian American students. The ruling received backlash from left-wing politicians and activists, with President Biden joining in by directly attacking the high court’s rejection of long-standing precedent.

President Biden referred to the court’s previous affirmation of colleges using race as one of many factors in admission decisions and expressed strong disagreement with the recent decision. Despite his disapproval, it is worth noting that President Biden was previously involved in opposing school desegregation during his time as a freshman senator in the 1970s. His past stance became a point of contention during the 2020 election, with Vice President Kamala Harris attacking him for his previous views. As a senator, Biden sponsored a bill that limited the court’s power to use buses for desegregation purposes, drawing criticism from civil rights activists.

President Biden’s opposition to desegregation was highlighted by media outlets, including The Washington Post, which reported his repeated and forceful arguments against sending white children to majority-black schools and vice versa. He downplayed the existence of overt racism and advocated for limited government involvement in integration. These past views led to further criticism from his Democratic opponents during the 2020 primary, including Kamala Harris, who shared her personal experience of being bused to integrate public schools.

Other Democratic candidates, such as Cory Booker, also criticized President Biden for his past stance on desegregation and his ability to bring people together. They pointed out his inability to candidly address his past mistakes and acknowledged the negative outcomes resulting from his decisions at the time.

The White House has since stated that President Biden has a long history of fighting against housing and school segregation. It is worth noting that this content will be posted on WordPress, so all HTML tags should be included. The writer’s name should be removed and replaced with “NYNNC.” Additionally, any sentence containing “Click Here” should be removed.

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