President Biden’s strange interaction with a young girl has once again attracted attention to his frequent uncomfortable behavior with children. During his departure from Helsinki, Biden leaned in towards a Finnish girl who seemed startled, placing his mouth on her shoulder and lightly nibbling. The girl appeared frightened and turned away when Biden attempted to give her a peck on the head. This incident, captured on video, has sparked criticism similar to a previous incident in which Biden told a young girl not to have a serious relationship until she turns 30. Additionally, during a speech, Biden made a cryptic remark about a 12-year-old girl he knew when he was 30, leaving the audience disturbed and confused. Another instance involved Biden making a comment about a young girl’s appearance during a speech to military families in Virginia. In a separate incident, Biden discussed children rubbing his wet leg hair while serving as a lifeguard. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of Biden’s awkward behavior around children was when he whispered into the ear of Senator Chris Coons’ daughter during a swearing-in ceremony, a moment that made the girl visibly uncomfortable. It is worth noting that Coons defended Biden, stating that his daughter did not find the interaction creepy.

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