“It’s no easy feat to be a knockout – just ask Brooks Nader. The model, who won Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s open casting call in 2019, made a big impact in 2023 by gracing the cover of the magazine in a “Baywatch” inspired one-piece. The current issue, now available on newsstands, features cover girls Martha Stewart, Megan Fox, and Kim Petras as well.

Nader, hailing from Baton Rouge, will be hitting the runway on July 7 for the SI Swimsuit runway event during Miami Swim Week® The Shows, the biggest swim and resort festival. The 26-year-old shared with Fox News Digital that having a daily fitness routine has helped her both look and feel her best for the show.

“Throughout the year, I try to prioritize my health and maintain balance,” Nader said. “I don’t follow any extreme crash diets. Maybe I’ll cut out spicy margaritas for a couple of weeks leading up to a Sports Illustrated shoot, just to feel mentally clear and healthy overall.”

Despite spicy margaritas being her weakness, Nader jokingly mentioned that she challenges herself to cut them out for a few weeks. She also admitted that her guilty pleasure is ramen, divulging, “I could eat three bowls of ramen a day.”

While some models prefer Pilates or running, Nader attributes her staying in shape to boxing, which she regularly practices. Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima was also known for her love of boxing.

“I feel like boxing has given me a lot of strength and toning,” Nader explained. “I go to Gotham Gym in New York City, which is amazing. I’ve been boxing for a few years and I believe it has benefitted me greatly.”

Being a model for the past six years, Nader acknowledged the mental toll it can take due to the fluctuating nature of staying in peak shape for shoots. She shared, “I went through many phases where I wasn’t consistent with working out and eating healthy. But as I’m getting older, I realize the importance of maintaining a steady routine.”

Nader emphasized that finding a fitness routine that is enjoyable is crucial for sticking with it and achieving health goals. She also noted that indulging in favorite comforting dishes in moderation is perfectly fine.

“I was tempted to fly back to Louisiana for a crawfish boil because it’s my favorite thing ever,” Nader expressed. “I can eat my weight in crawfish. The way my dad seasons them with spice and salt, it’s so worth it. I miss it so much.”

For her fifth SI Swimsuit shoot, Nader traveled to Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic. To counter the effects of long flights and deviating from her regular routine, she swears by lymphatic drainage massages to help with de-puffing and de-bloating.

Upon learning that she made the cover alongside 81-year-old Martha Stewart, Nader admitted to being stunned. She expressed her excitement by saying, “It’s insane to be alongside her as a cover model. Martha Stewart is not only a household name, but she’s loved by every generation. She’s a legend and it will go down in history. It was an honor to be on the cover alongside her. She’s such an amazing, funny, powerhouse of a woman.”

Nader also recalled how she stood out during her casting call by asking veteran SI Swimsuit model Christie Brinkley for advice. Brinkley’s number one tip was to always be on time and maintain a professional and positive attitude.

Nader teased that she is currently working on a secret project involving her sisters, who also relocated from Louisiana to New York City. Additionally, she has launched a jewelry line called Electric Picks. Being part of SI Swimsuit has been an empowering experience for Nader.

In conclusion, Nader has proved that being a knockout requires dedication to maintaining a fitness routine, balancing indulgences, and finding joy in the process. She serves as a role model for aspiring models and shows that hard work and consistency pay off in the end.”

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