A unique and compact house nestled into the side of a bridge in Los Angeles County, known as the “troll house,” was recently sold for almost $500,000 in today’s competitive housing market. The listing agent/broker, Douglas Lee from Compass Real Estate in Pasadena, California, disclosed that the house was initially listed for $249,950, just $50 shy of $250,000. It only stayed on the market for approximately one to two weeks before selling for $430,000 in cash to a single buyer.

The buyer, Dwain Carlo Crum, a retired teacher from Rosemead, California, expressed his love for the home after seeing it on the internet and visiting it in person. Despite the property’s unique nature and the challenges it posed, Crum found it captivating and ultimately decided to purchase it for $180,000 above the asking price.

The “Bridge House of L.A.,” as Crum refers to it, received significant attention, resulting in a bidding war with numerous offers surpassing the asking price. Crum emerged as the winning bidder, despite offers exceeding $300,000. Built in 1949, the house has 462 square feet and is situated below Main Street in Alhambra, offering views of a drainage ditch.

Although it was listed as a one-bedroom, one-bathroom property, it is actually an oversized studio. The house lacks dedicated parking and has been unoccupied for over two decades. Lee believes that the low asking price overshadowed these drawbacks, allowing potential buyers to focus on the property’s positive aspects. These include a rooftop patio perfect for entertaining and a convenient location near retail shops and restaurants.

Crum and his new bridge house have sparked interest from individuals suggesting various redesign possibilities. Crum remains open-minded and has even created a YouTube channel called “The Bridge House of L.A.,” where he welcomes ideas for transforming the space. Interestingly, there is some debate regarding ownership of the bridge above the house, with conflicting statements from the city of Alhambra and the Army Corps of Engineers.

With its unique nature and the mystery surrounding bridge ownership, this listing stands out as one of the most unusual properties Lee has ever sold. Despite its quirks, the “troll house” captivated buyers, resulting in a substantial sale in California’s competitive housing market.

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