A California school district recently suspended two students for a misgendering incident and subsequently subjected them to a training session called “restorative justice,” as detailed in an email reviewed by NYNNC. The email was sent by a former principal of Herbert Hoover High School within the Glendale Unified School District and was initially reported by GUSD Parents Voices.

The email from Jennifer Earl, the former principal, described a situation where two students misgendered a transgender student and then fled the scene when the teacher tried to correct them.

“Today, I suspended two students for five days each and will be conducting [restorative justice] sessions with the students and teacher to address the incident of misgendering… During my interviews with them, they admitted to being curious about transgender individuals,” Earl said.

The Glendale Unified School District explained that they determine if misgendering, which refers to using incorrect pronouns, constitutes bullying based on the perceived intent of the student involved. They clarified that no student has ever been punished or suspended for accidentally using the wrong pronoun, unless the actions escalated to harassment or bullying.

GUSD district misgendering

An email from the GUSD about the alleged misgendering. 
(Fox News Digital )

“I asked the teacher involved in the incident how he would like to handle it. He requested that I educate the students not just about misgendering, but also about transgender issues. The lesson was well received by students and parents. Restorative justice sessions will take place after the suspension,” stated the email.

The district’s website provides an explanation of restorative justice, describing it as a process that aims to repair harm or conflict within the community. It involves bringing together those who have been harmed and those responsible for the harm to address the root causes of the conflict, promote accountability, and facilitate healing for all individuals involved.

Restorative Justice glendale unified school district

Restorative Justice by Glendale Unified School District.
(Glendale Unified School District)

The district’s website further explains that restorative justice covers various aspects, including addressing one’s physical needs such as “sexual expression.” The spokesperson for GUSD emphasized that they abide by all relevant laws and policies established by the California legislature and the Department of Education, working collaboratively with parents to ensure safe and inclusive learning environments for all students.

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