If you love spending time outside and are in need of a relaxing getaway but don’t want to leave your adorable pup behind, it sounds like it’s the perfect time for you to take a camping trip. Lots of campgrounds are dog friendly, making it the perfect vacation spot for you and your dog.Camping is also great in the summer months because you can enjoy the warm sun during the day, and maybe take a dip in the lake or a beach. BEST CAMPGROUNDS ACROSS AMERICAThen at night, you can build a campfire and have some s’mores under the beautiful night sky in a temperature that not too hot but not too cold. If you do decide to take your pet camping with you, there are a few things you are going to want to keep in mind for your trip.  Lots of campgrounds are dog-friendly destinations.  Here are some important tips to remember for your epic camping adventure with your furry friend. 

Know what to pack

There is a lot of important gear you’re going to need to keep your dog safe, entertained and comfortable during the trip. This is a small list of pet camping essentials.

  • Dog food and bowl (plus a collapsible bowl for hiking)
  • Plenty of dog treats
  • Outdoor toys
  • A leash
  • Comfy sleeping gear
  • An ID tag

Make sure your dog is drinking only clean water

Depending on where you camp, there is probably going to be some water source present. Make sure that your pup is drinking only clean water during the trip and not drinking from dirty lakes or ponds so that your pet stays as healthy as possible.

Plan dog-friendly camping activities

Do some research ahead of your trip and see what dog-friendly activities there are to do on or around the campground. Some examples of activities you and your dog can enjoy together are a scenic hike, a kayak or boat trip, a day by the beach or some time spent at the park.  You can also do research on some dog-friendly dining establishments in the area if you want to take a break from cooking on the fire and stop at a local spot.

Check the campground pet policy before your arrival

You get yourself, your family and your dog all packed up and loaded into the car. You drive to the campground and pull down a long dirt road until you reach the check in area. Then, after a stressful day of travel, you’re told no dogs are allowed on the property.  If you can, do a practice run in your backyard before heading to the campground to get your dog familiar with sleeping in a tent.

The easy way to avoid being in that situation is make sure the campground you are going to is dog friendly before you visit. While a lot of campgrounds allow dogs, there are some that don’t — and others that have certain rules regarding bringing a pet, so make sure you have all that information before booking your camp site.

Do a backyard practice run

This may sound silly, but if your dog has never been camping before, it is going to be a totally different environment than whatever your pet is used to currently.One of the biggest differences your pet will encounter is sleeping in tent.

If you don’t plan on camping in a cabin, RV, or pop up trailer, you’re going to need a good tent to set up. If you are buying a tent for the first time, make sure it is one that is big enough for both you and your dog.

Consider spending a night in the backyard sleeping in the tent to get your dog familiar with it before going to the campground. Ideally, this will make for a smoother transition once the actual trip takes place.

NYNNC is a writer for Fox News Digital.

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