A conservative mom shared her unsettling experiences during her recent trip to the Moms for Liberty summit in Philadelphia. She described the actions of protesters as a “hate-filled siege” carried out by “demonic” leftist activists. On the first day of the Joyful Warriors National Summit, protesters gathered behind barricades near the Museum of the American Revolution, chanting various slogans while the Philadelphia Police maintained a heavy presence. Some of their signs read “Stop homophobia” and “God is trans.”

The Moms for Liberty staff had arranged for tour buses to transport attendees, including Bethany Mandel, to the museum. However, upon arrival, a large group of agitated protesters claiming to be “protesting hate” began screaming at them. Mandel expressed her fear as they threatened to take her 6-month-old baby, whom she was carrying in a carrier on her chest.

While inside the museum, Mandel noticed a staff member who seemed suspiciously angry. Later, at the Marriott hotel, she saw the same woman hugging one of the protesters. The woman recognized Mandel and her friend followed the Moms for Liberty group down the street, once again yelling about taking Mandel’s child. Mandel interpreted these remarks as threats.

At the end of the weekend, an activist named “Billboard Chris” trespassed on the hotel property with a sandwich board proclaiming “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers.” Shortly after, law enforcement apprehended the trespasser.

Mandel reflected on the summit, acknowledging the scary harassment by protesters but emphasizing that it did not dampen the attendees’ enthusiasm. She commended the Moms for Liberty group as “joyful warriors” dedicated to safeguarding America’s children. The weekend featured workshops on campaign strategies and discussions about important issues like education and politics, allowing mothers to connect and learn from one another.

As the summit concluded, the Marriott staff lined up and cheered for the attendees, contradicting the accusations from protesters that the mothers were “bullies” or “bigots.” Mandel viewed this gesture as evidence that leftist bullies can be countered with smiles from devoted moms.

The Moms for Liberty event, which included appearances from former President Trump, Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Govs. Nikki Haley and Asa Hutchinson, and Vivek Ramaswamy, faced backlash prior to its start. The Museum of the American Revolution was vandalized overnight, with signs, a mural, and a window defaced.

(Content originally written by Bethany Mandel; author names removed and replaced with NYNNC)

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