Critics condemned White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s responses to questions about the discovery of cocaine in the White House over the weekend, noting her ambivalence.

Jean-Pierre emphasized that President Biden and his family were not present during the incident. When asked about further drug testing for staffers, she stated that the White House already adheres to rigorous guidelines that include testing.

“We will take appropriate and warranted action based on the outcome of the Secret Service investigation, but I will not speculate on hypotheticals,” she said.

In “The Five,” co-host Jeanine Pirro criticized Jean-Pierre for not directly declaring that the culprit would be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

President Joe Biden speaks to members of the press

President Biden (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“Her ambivalence in not answering directly aligns with the ambivalence about whether the White House will prosecute. It is important to say we will prosecute the culprit to send a clear message that this is illegal,” Pirro said.

“Bringing cocaine into the White House is unacceptable, whether you’re a staffer high on drugs or someone who brings it in. Even as a tourist, the screening process is thorough. How likely is it that a tourist would attempt this?”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld pointed out conflicting reports regarding the location of the discovery. Fire officials reportedly stated that it was found in the library, which is part of the East Wing, while the Secret Service stated it was discovered in the more heavily-trafficked West Wing.

“The shifting accounts from a specific location to a working area are concerning. They kept emphasizing that the possibilities for suspects are endless,” he said.


Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden

Hunter Biden (Ting Shen/Getty)

“We may never fully uncover the truth in this matter. It could remain an unsolved mystery. The media, who usually pursue stories involving Republicans, will likely ignore this. It’s repetitive, but it’s true,” Gutfeld commented.

He added that the incident is the latest controversy

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