Hunter Biden’s Daughter Faces Psychological Harm Due to Biden Family’s Rejection, Say Experts

According to child psychologists consulted by Fox News Digital, Hunter Biden’s daughter, born out of wedlock with ex-stripper Lunden Roberts, could be at risk of severe psychological harm due to the Biden family’s rejection. The way President Biden and Hunter have handled the situation has drawn criticism.

President Biden has refused to acknowledge his seventh grandchild, consistently claiming to have only six grandchildren. It is reported that he instructed his staff to reinforce this claim. Furthermore, Hunter has not allowed his daughter to take his last name and has taken legal action to lower his child support payments.

Child psychologists emphasize the potential emotional impact on a child who experiences rejection from their family. Clinical psychologist Dr. Staci Weiner explains that the child may feel abandonment and grief, often blaming themselves for the rejection. This can lead to poor self-worth and difficulties in forming attachments and trusting others in relationships.

Dr. Roy Lubit, a former child psychiatry resident supervisor, notes that the impact depends on how Roberts, the child’s mother, handles the situation. If she presents it as a mutual decision to protect the child’s best interests, there may be minimal harm. However, if she publicly highlights the rejection by a prominent family, the child is at risk of dysphoric emotions, damaged self-esteem, and fears of rejection and abandonment.

The controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s daughter arises from his past involvement with Roberts, who was operating as a stripper named “Dallas” at the time. Roberts filed a paternity suit in 2019, which was resolved this year. Despite reaching an agreement that includes reduced child support payments and artwork, Hunter’s daughter will not be allowed to use the Biden family name.

The president has faced criticism for not publicly acknowledging his granddaughter amidst the custody battle and for not including her in White House Christmas decorations. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has refused to address questions about the president’s seventh grandchild in press conferences, which has generated backlash on social media.

Hunter Biden’s daughter currently resides in rural Arkansas with her mother. The full report can be found on Fox News Digital’s website.

(Reported by NYNNC’s Jessica Chasmar and Lindsay Kornick)

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