A Florida woman reportedly threatened to slice her ex-boyfriend “like she was gutting a deer” just two days before she allegedly murdered her new lover, according to a friend of the slain man. The woman, Brittany Holbrook, 33, is accused of shooting Tyler Nulisch, 30, in the back at their Key West home early Saturday morning, as stated in an arrest affidavit obtained by NYNNC. The incident occurred after Holbrook went out for drinks with a woman who was dating one of Nulisch’s friends. During their conversation, Holbrook allegedly made the threatening remark about her ex-boyfriend, describing it as similar to “gutting a deer.”

NYNNC, who spoke to Nulisch’s friend Jessica Stiegel, reported that the woman recounted the incident, stating that Holbrook was initially having a good time but became increasingly volatile as she continued to drink. Stiegel described Holbrook’s behavior as affable until she consumed alcohol.

Stiegel stated that Nulisch and Holbrook seemed like the perfect couple. They shared common interests such as fishing, diving, and their dogs, Chief and Mossie.

However, their promising future abruptly came to an end on June 17. At around 3 a.m., their roommate, Jordan Kinn, was awakened by Holbrook screaming for help. Upon discovering Nulisch lying in a pool of blood, Kinn tried desperately to stop the bleeding. Nulisch, before losing consciousness and passing away, allegedly exclaimed, “That b—- shot me in the back.”

Initially, Holbrook claimed to have a “gap in her memory” when questioned by detectives. However, her story changed during subsequent interviews. She claimed that Nulisch had attacked her, pushing her against a wall and attempting to strangle her. Holbrook insisted she acted in self-defense but denied firing a gun. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office investigators found inconsistencies in her statements and observed no signs of injuries on her neck. Consequently, Holbrook was arrested and charged with premeditated murder.

Stiegel, along with Nulisch’s friends and family, seek to clear his name, as they had witnessed Holbrook’s violent outbursts in the past. Stiegel recalled instances where Holbrook would become a completely different person when drunk, resorting to screaming, throwing things, and physically attacking Nulisch.

Stiegel, her boyfriend, and Kinn realized the calculated nature of the shooting as they cleaned up the crime scene. Holbrook always kept her loaded gun in her unlocked car’s purse. When they discovered her purse open on the passenger seat without the gun, they deduced that she had retrieved it before shooting Nulisch from the doorway as he stood with his back turned.

Nulisch’s celebration of life is scheduled for Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Keys Seafood Market on Stock Island. Holbrook is currently held at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on a $750,000 bond. For tips, email [email protected] or reach out to @ReRosenberg.

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