A Republican 2024 candidate is utilizing a digital doppelganger powered by artificial intelligence (AI), with hopes that this clone could become a groundbreaking “campaign surrogate” capable of conducting media interviews. SOS America PAC, an organization associated with the presidential campaign of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, has presented an audio and video AI replica of the conservative leader to respond to voter inquiries on his political stances.

“To distinguish him from the other candidates running for president, we wanted to do something unique,” stated Chapin Fay, spokesman for SOS America PAC, to Fox News Digital. “With all the contenders attempting to find their niche and set themselves apart, we believe this is one way we can achieve that for Mayor Suarez.”

Fay highlighted Suarez’s prominence in the tech realm, particularly for accepting part of his salary in Bitcoin, emphasizing his leadership in the tech sphere.

Francis Suarez’s digital lookalike, known as “AI Francis Suarez,” introduces itself in a greeting message, stating, “You may have heard about my namesake, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a conservative candidate running for president. I am here to address any questions you may have regarding Mayor Suarez’s proven agenda for economic prosperity, fiscal responsibility, and support for law enforcement. How can I assist you?” The AI bot then proceeds to offer additional videos based on vocal prompts from users, outlining Suarez’s various positions.

The representative from the PAC acknowledged that AI Francis Suarez’s current capabilities are somewhat “limited” but expressed aspirations of expanding its role in the campaign. The AI Suarez urges voters to inquire about the candidate’s stance on different issues.

“We are continuously improving AI Francis Suarez; at present, its scope is limited. As we receive more questions from voters, AI Suarez will be updated to answer a wider range of queries. Therefore, we plan to enhance this tool,” Fay explained, adding, “We also aim to employ AI Francis Suarez as a surrogate during the campaign. As it becomes more sophisticated, we can extend its reach and application. Ideally, we envision it even conducting interviews with the press in the future. But, for now, it will engage with voters on social media.”

The cost of the project was not disclosed by Fay, who described it as “minimal.”

Suarez’s AI bot is just one example of how rapidly advancing technology is contributing to US elections. AI has already been employed to produce campaign advertisements and social media content, raising concerns about the potential challenge for voters in differentiating between reality and fabricated information.

Elizabeth Elkind is a politics reporter for Fox News Digital.

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