Top Republicans on Capitol Hill Demand Investigation into Removal of IRS Whistleblowers from Hunter Biden Probe

Top Republicans on Capitol Hill are calling for the Office of Special Counsel to investigate allegations that IRS whistleblowers were removed from the investigation into Hunter Biden. In June, the House Ways and Means Committee released transcripts of two IRS whistleblowers who claimed that the Justice Department and IRS probe into President Biden’s son’s business dealings had been influenced by politics. These whistleblowers were subsequently removed from the investigation, according to their claims.

In a letter sent to the Office of Special Counsel on Wednesday, Senator Chuck Grassley and other Republican lawmakers requested an immediate investigation into the alleged retaliation against these IRS whistleblowers. They also urged the office to take appropriate disciplinary actions against those involved in any unlawful conduct against the whistleblowers.

Other signatories of the letter include Senator Ron Johnson, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith, Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer, and Judiciary Committee member Jim Jordan.

The Office of Special Counsel is responsible for handling disclosures of wrongdoing within the executive branch of the federal government, including those made by current and former federal employees and applicants for federal employment.

According to the lawmakers, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and IRS must be held accountable for any instances of whistleblower retaliation and misconduct. They also emphasized the importance of whistleblower protections and criticized the use of illegal nondisclosure directives to hide wrongdoing.

The lawmakers pointed out that an internal IRS email from IRS Acting Special Agent in Charge Kareem Carter instructed supervisors, including one of the whistleblowers, that no information related to the investigation should leave the field office without going through the proper chain of command. However, the email did not include the legally required “anti-gag provision” that should have protected whistleblowers from retaliation.

Furthermore, the lawmakers mentioned an email from Deputy IRS Commissioner for Services and Enforcement Doug O’Donnell regarding the reporting of allegations of wrongdoing and protected whistleblower disclosures. They criticized the email for failing to inform IRS employees of their rights to make protected disclosures to Congress, as required by the law.

The Republicans concluded their letter by requesting a briefing and advice on the next steps from the Office of Special Counsel by July 19.

Content written by Brianna Herlihy, a politics writer for Fox News Digital.

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