EXCLUSIVE: Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are raising fresh concerns about a 2020 FBI briefing regarding their investigation into Hunter Biden. The FBI claimed that the senators’ probe was promoting Russian disinformation, despite the fact that the agency was also examining similar allegations at the time. Grassley referred to the briefing as “completely unnecessary” and accused the FBI of attempting to undermine their oversight efforts. Grassley further questioned whether there was a broader effort within federal law enforcement to silence any criticisms of the Biden family leading up to the 2020 election.

The senators initiated an investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial activities, specifically his involvement with Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings. The briefing occurred while the senators were finalizing their report, which would later be released in September 2020. They have repeatedly claimed that the FBI provided the briefing due to pressure from Democrats to discredit their investigation.

Grassley and Johnson allege that in August 2020, FBI officials initiated a plan to downplay negative information about Hunter Biden in order to halt investigative activities by labeling it as “disinformation.” They also highlighted whistleblower claims that local FBI leadership instructed employees not to examine the Hunter Biden laptop immediately after it was obtained by the bureau.

However, during the briefing, the Justice Department’s federal investigation into Hunter Biden was already underway. By December 2019, the FBI had seized Hunter Biden’s laptop and determined that the information on it was authentic and reliable.

Johnson expressed concern over the conflicting messages from the FBI, emphasizing the need to uncover a larger story of corruption that exists beyond the Biden family. He questioned the involvement of federal law enforcement and the unequal application of justice, suggesting that there may be an orchestrated effort spanning both Democrat and Republican administrations.

When asked about the briefing and whether the FBI sought to downplay derogatory information about Hunter Biden, the bureau declined to comment.

Grassley and Johnson released their report on Hunter Biden in September 2020, which revealed that Obama administration officials were aware of the problematic nature of Hunter Biden’s position at Burisma and how it interfered with U.S.-Ukraine relations. The report also uncovered potential criminal activity involving Hunter Biden, his family, and associates with individuals from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China.

In addition to the Senate investigation, the House Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means committees have requested interviews with various officials from the Justice Department, IRS, FBI, and Secret Service to investigate allegations of political influence in the Hunter Biden probe.

The House Oversight Committee is conducting its own investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings and has uncovered evidence suggesting attempts to peddle influence and conceal financial transactions with foreign companies.

The White House maintains that President Biden was never involved in business with his son.

Hunter Biden recently announced that he will plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges related to tax evasion and one charge of unlawfully possessing a firearm. The plea deal is expected to spare him from serving time in prison.

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