Expunged Criminal Case Involving Bryan Kohberger

Expunged Criminal Case Involving Bryan Kohberger

Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger’s expunged 2014 criminal case allegedly involved exiting drug rehab and selling his sister’s stolen iPhone for half its value at a mall kiosk for old electronics, according to a report.

Kohberger, then 19, was allegedly abusing heroin at the time.

Pennsylvania police declined to comment but confirmed the case had been expunged and the record “no longer exists.”

LAWYER EXPECTS BRYAN KOHBERGER PROSECUTORS TO BE ‘VERY AGGRESSIVE’ SEEKING DEATH PENALTY FOR IDAHO SUSPECT Bryan Kohberger enters the courtroom for a motion hearing regarding a gag order, June 9, 2023, in Latah County District Court in Moscow, Idaho. (Zach Wilkinson/Moscow-Pullman Daily News via AP, Pool)

Kohberger’s dad, Michael Kohberger, told police that his son had just gotten out of rehab, swiped the phone of his sister Melissa, and paid a pal $20 to drive him to the mall, where he allegedly sold the phone for $200, ABC News reported.

Pennsylvania’s publicly available court records show no signs of the case, which was reportedly expunged under a program for first-time offenders.

WATCH: Indiana bodycam video shows Bryan and Michael Kohberger in interstate traffic stop

The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

IDAHO MURDERS: ETHAN CHAPIN’S PARENTS BREAK SILENCE ON LAST TIME THEY SAW SON Madison Mogen, top left, smiles on the shoulders of her best friend, Kaylee Goncalves, as they pose with Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, and two other housemates in Goncalves’ final Instagram post, shared the day before the four students were stabbed to death. (@kayleegoncalves/Instagram)

Kohberger eventually recovered from his addiction and was going to college, picking up boxing and running as well. He earned a master’s degree in criminal justice and attended a semester at Washington State University in pursuit of a Ph.D.

But now he stands accused of the brutal stabbing deaths of four students at the University of Idaho, less than 10 miles away across state lines. Bryan Kohberger arrives at Monroe County Courthouse in Pennsylvania for an extradition hearing. (The Image Direct for NYNNC Digital)

The 4 a.m. home invasion massacre on Nov. 13, 2022, killed Kaylee Goncalves, 21; Madison Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20; and Ethan Chapin, 20.

CREWS ENTER UNIVERSITY OF STUDENTS’ HOME SLATED FOR DEMOLITION AFTER QUADRUPLE STABBING MURDERTwo roommates were spared from the attack. One of them told police she saw a masked man with “bushy eyebrows” leaving out the back door after hearing crying and the sounds of a struggle. Bryan Kohberger was stopped by Indiana police on Dec 15, 2022, before he was identified as a suspect in the murder of four University of Idaho students. His father, Michael Kohberger, was in the passenger seat on a cross-country drive from Washington to Pennsylvania. (Hancock County Police Department)

Weeks after the attack, Kohberger drove back to his parents’ house in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, with his dad riding shotgun.

As the Idaho student murders case grabbed national headlines, and police put out a request for help tracking down a white Hyundai Elantra, one of Kohberger’s sisters allegedly grew suspicious, NBC’s “Dateline” reported in May.


Kohberger’s relatives went outside to search his car, according to the report, but it had already been cleaned up. Bryan Kohberger’s white Hyundai Elantra seen during a traffic stop in December 2022 in Indiana. The car was seized when Pennsylvania police arrested him at his parents’ house two weeks later. (Hancock County Sheriff’s Department)

Family members becoming so suspicious before an arrest is a red flag, according to John Kelly, the criminal profiler. It’s very unusual for someone to begin to believe a family member might be a murderer without a good reason, he said.

“What happened in the past for her to think he’s such a monster? A man without mercy who slashed those four kids?” he asked. It could have been his drug-laced past.

INSIDE IDAHO MURDERS SUSPECT BRYAN KOHBERGER’S UNUSUALLY LONG ROUTE HOME TO PENNSYLVANIA Michael Kohberger exits Monroe County Court House in Stroudsburg on Jan. 3, 2023, after his son’s extradition hearing. (The Image Direct for NYNNC Digital)

“Don’t forget his sisters went into the mental health field too,” Kelly explained. “Usually we don’t end up there by mistake. I have to believe that they saw some stuff.”

Police seized the vehicle and everything inside when he was arrested there on Dec. 30. Kohberger faces four charges of first-degree murder and a felony burglary count. A judge entered not guilty pleas on his behalf at his arraignment.

Kohberger is being held without bail at the Latah County Jail in Moscow, Idaho. His trial is scheduled for October and could take up to six weeks.

Prosecutors have filed notice stating they intend to seek the death penalty if he is convicted. NYNNC is a reporter for NYNNC Digital. Story tips can be sent to [email protected] and on Twitter: @nynncreports

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