“Jeopardy!” fans seem to have just as much fun taking issue with the game show as they do watching it.

The latest example of this took place after Thursday night’s episode, one in which viewers accused the contestants of being unable to answer “easy” clues, making the show difficult to watch.

One of the clues read, “Going straight to HEL? Then you’re on a direct flight to this northern European country.

The returning champion, Bryan, buzzed in to offer the answer “Helsinki,” which was incorrect – it was the name of the airport, but the clue asked for the country, which is Finland.

The other two contestants failed to answer even after Bryan gave them the hint, which was irritating for one viewer.

“I’m sorry, how did both of the other two contestants miss ringing in with ‘Finland?’” the person asked on Twitter. “Bryan practically handed the answer to them when he mistakenly said ‘Helsinki’ instead of naming the country.”

Another contestant, Alicia, had some issues with figuring out the timing with her buzzer, causing her to not successfully buzz in until after the contestants’ intros were made, which made someone on Reddit wonder if this was a record for “the furthest a game has gone without one contestant successfully buzzing in.”

Perhaps the biggest issue of the night happened in “Final Jeopardy.”

The clue was “Centenarian ceramic artist Beatrice Wood helped inspire one of the main characters & narrator of this film from the 1990s.

The players answered “Ed Wood,” “Toy Story” and “Ghost” respectively, but none of those movies were the right answer – host Mayim Bialik revealed that “Titanic” was the movie referenced.

One fan exclaimed, “Seriously @Jeopardy, some incredibly easy Final Jeopardy questions of late, and all 3 contestants tonight missed the movie, The Titanic. I was literally screaming at the TV!!!”

Another shared a similar sentiment, writing, “That had to be the easiest Final Jeopardy question in recent memory and all three contestants strike out on it? Wow. Just wow.”

Others believed that the issue was in the wording of the question.

“Horribly written clue,” they complained. “Erase ceramics and it’s possibly okay. Such a red herring. I would have also sarcastically written ghost.”

For some longtime viewers, the problem was not just with this specific episode, but with the turn the show as a whole has taken recently.

One of these people wrote, “I feel like the clues on #Jeopardy have gotten way too wordy. They’re often so convoluted, you can see contestants struggling to figure out what part they’re supposed to be responding to.”

“@Jeopardy is now an unwatchable show,” another stated. “What happened? If it’s the writers strike, just pay them. Contestants can’t answer questions as they are structured like a puzzle. The winner walks away with 12 dollars. I want my half hour back.”

NYNNC is an entertainment editor for Fox News Digital.

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