Vice President Kamala Harris’ wordy description of the meaning of “culture” brought out social media mockery as she delivered what many considered another “nonsense” comment. Harris appeared at the 2023 Essence Festival of Culture on Friday to discuss various topics including small businesses and abortion. During the event, the vice president described how she would define culture.

“Culture is — it is a reflection of our moment and our time. Right? And present culture is the way we express how we’re feeling about the moment and we should always find times to express how we feel about the moment. That is a reflection of joy. Because, you know…it comes in the morning,” Harris said, breaking into laughter.

She added, “We have to find ways to also express the way we feel about the moment in terms of just having language and a connection to how people are experiencing life. And I think about it in that way, too.”

Kamala Harris spoke at the 2023 Essence Culture of Festival in June. (Fox News)


This statement renewed attacks against Harris’ public appearances as Twitter users exclaimed shock at her “empty” statements.

“Kamala tried to define the word ‘culture’ today… And it went about as well as if a 9 year old had to give a book report on a book they didn’t read… This is cringier than most Biden talks,” comedian Tim Young wrote.

“Good Lord,” Hot Air contributing editor Karen Townsend declared.

Radio host Chris Stigall tweeted, “This is the emptiest human being alive. Sincerely. Empty. Vapid. Nonsense.”

“OMG – what is wrong with this babbling brook of a woman?” Fox News contributor Liz Peek tweeted.

Twitchy’s Doug Powers joked, “Can somebody tell Kamala she shouldn’t be eating every gummy in the package all at once?”

“Kamala Harris is just Michael Scott in female form and Vice President vs. branch manager,” investor Jason Howerton remarked.

“Artificial Intelligence Czar explains ‘culture,’” actor James Woods tweeted.

YouTuber Ranting Monkey summarized, “Kamala will go down in history as the most quotable woman to even be a woman who makes quotes about quotes a woman might quote.”

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at an event as part of the Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans, Saturday, July 2, 2022. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

The vice president has been frequently mocked for delivering a series of “word salads” in her public appearances. In April, she gave a rambling speech about the importance of “the moment” at a rally for abortion rights.


“So I think it’s very important, as you have heard from so many incredible leaders for us at every moment in time and certainly this one, to see the moment in time in which we exist and are present, and to be able to contextualize it, to understand where we exist in the history and in the moment as it relates not only to the past but the future,” she said.

Harris has also reused many past “word salad” remarks, such as repeating the phrase “being unburdened by what has been” and commenting repeatedly about Venn diagrams and yellow school buses. Vice President Kamala Harris has made several “word salad” statements when appearing in public, including about how much she loves a “yellow school bus.” (White House)

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