[WARNING: The following contains spoilers from “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.”]

Karen Allen, who starred in “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,” had hoped for a bigger role in her final appearance alongside Harrison Ford in the franchise. However, she expressed gratitude for being part of the last film. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Allen discussed changes in the story after Steven Spielberg stepped down as director.

“When Steven was still attached to direct the film, I didn’t have the chance to read any of those scripts, although I knew that Marion was more involved in the story at that time,” Allen shared. “So, I was aware that James [Mangold] had brought in new writers and that there would be a whole new approach with a different director and writers, but it was still unknown territory for me.”

To her surprise, Allen received a script for “Dial of Destiny” that revealed the storyline, and she was disappointed with her involvement. She had expected a major part in the film, but the direction they chose was different.

In the fourth film of the franchise, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” Allen’s character, Marion Ravenwood, and Indy have a son named Mutt, portrayed by Shia LaBeouf. By the end of the movie, Marion and Indy get married.

In “Dial of Destiny,” Allen’s character is mostly absent except for one crucial scene. LaBeouf’s character does not make a return and is said to have died in the Vietnam War, causing a rift between Marion and Indy that is eventually resolved at the end of the movie.

“They had to address some story issues with Shia LaBeouf not returning, so they created a story where Mutt had died in the war, causing a divide between Marion and Indy,” Allen explained. “I was truly shocked when I read it. But I was happy that they reunited in the end.”

Due to Ford’s filming schedule and recent shoulder injury, Allen and Ford’s reunion was brief. They had a conversation to reconnect with their characters and their current circumstances. Ford shared some details about the scenes they had been shooting and references to Marion in the film.

Despite fan expectations, Allen clarified that Marion was only intended to be in the first film of the “Indiana Jones” trilogy. It was only in “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” that her character was brought back. Allen also revealed that there were discussions about a fifth and potentially final installment even before they finished filming the fourth movie.

“I always imagined I would be a part of it, and I am, but in a slightly different way than I had imagined,” Allen remarked.

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