Oakland A’s Fans Make Last-Ditch Efforts to Prevent Team’s Move to Las Vegas

Despite the impending move of the Oakland A’s to Las Vegas, fans are not giving up without a fight. Recently, they organized a “reverse boycott” event, filling the stadium with over 27,000 people to support the team in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays. This was a significant turnout, considering that the Athletics have been averaging fewer than 10,000 attendees per game this season.

However, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred places the blame squarely on the city of Oakland. He expressed sympathy for the fans, but his comment about the game attracting “almost an average Major League Baseball crowd” was viewed by some as sarcastic. Manfred clarified his remarks, stating that his initial preference was to find a solution in Oakland and that one successful event cannot compensate for years of inaction.

Manfred’s sentiments align with his previous statement where he expressed his dissatisfaction with the outcome. He questioned what efforts Oakland was willing to make and highlighted the absence of any concrete stadium plans. Oakland officials, on the other hand, disputed Manfred’s claims and emphasized their commitment to the Athletics.

The Athletics’ proposed move to Las Vegas is now undergoing a lengthy approval process by MLB. Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo has already signed legislation providing $380 million in public financing for a new ballpark on the Las Vegas Strip. The proposed stadium, estimated to cost $1.5 billion, will have a retractable roof and a seating capacity of 30,000.

Despite their fans’ efforts, the A’s currently hold the worst record in the major leagues, with a 19-58 standing. Their winning percentage is on track to become the second-worst in modern baseball history. Despite these struggles, the team aims to relocate to Las Vegas by 2027.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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