Former President Trump and four other contenders for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination are scheduled to speak at the national gathering of the influential Moms for Liberty organization in Philadelphia. The event has sparked controversy, with protests and criticism from the left and the media. Trump, who is leading in the GOP nomination race, will be joined by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former ambassador Nikki Haley, former congressman Asa Hutchinson, and political commentator Vivek Ramaswamy. The summit aims to protect parental rights in education and is attended by moms who are concerned about the well-being of their families. Moms for Liberty is a non-partisan group with chapters across 45 states. They have fought against mask mandates in schools and critical race theory. The organization’s mission is to unify, educate, and empower parents to defend their parental rights. While the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled Moms for Liberty as an extremist group, the group has rejected this classification as absurd. The summit will provide training and workshops for activists and potential school board candidates, covering topics such as gender ideology and comprehensive sex education. The event has drawn criticism from elected officials, with the Democratic National Committee accusing Trump and the other speakers of catering to right-wing extremists. However, DeSantis emphasized the importance of parental rights and promised to defend them if elected president. Haley highlighted that Moms for Liberty advocates for freedom and the ability of parents to make choices for their children’s education and well-being.

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