“I boarded the train from London to Paris yesterday with my family,” she wrote on social media, sharing her story with other Reddit users.

“When we got to our booked and assigned table seats, there were three Americans sitting there from a big tour group,” she said.

On crowded train, woman refuses to make room for others because she’s been ‘harassed’ by men before

The mother added in her post, “Their argument was that someone had taken their seats (and they wouldn’t tell me which seats were originally theirs).”

However, the mother said she had her “5-year-old and 9-year-old” with her and did not want to be separated from her children “for two hours.”

More than 2,400 people reacted to a mother’s post on social media when she described how she had to battle for the assigned seats on a train that she bought for herself and her two young children. More than 400 people wrote detailed replies to the mother (not pictured) about her predicament. (iStock)

So, “I refused to give up our designated seats and forced them to move,” she wrote on the subreddit known as AITA (“Am I the a–hole?”).

She added in her post about the American women – who were apparently in their late 20s, as she noted in a later edit to her story – “When we got off at the other end, the girls gave me [a] huge stink eye.”

The mother did not want to be separated from her children “for two hours,” she wrote. The mother then asked others if she was in the wrong for insisting the young women move out of her seats.

Fox News Digital reached out to a clinical psychologist for insight into the encounter.

“It’s reasonable to expect what you pay for and to expect that the rules are universal, no matter the circumstances,” said Dr. Jayme Albin, PhD, of New York.  “This mother paid for seats together and she should not have to make up for the train’s organization system.”

“Having someone treat you unfairly is not a justification,” said clinical psychologist Dr. Jayme Albin, PhD, of New York, to be rude toward others. (iStock)

She added, “The young adults should have offered to move or find the proper person to help find their real seats. Having someone treat you unfairly is not a justification,” she also said, to be rude toward others.

On social media, more than 2,400 people reacted to the mothers’ post in less than five hours – with over 400 people writing detailed replies to the woman’s message, the Reddit post indicated.


Wrote one responder, who garnered more than 4,000 “upvotes” for this comment, “You wouldn’t be wrong if you didn’t have children. You wouldn’t be wrong if you just wanted to sit there because you wanted to sit there.”

The responder added, “They were your assigned seats. You wanted to occupy them. You weren’t wrong for making the [people] who decided to take them move.” A mother who shared her story about her insistence on keeping her reserved train seats for herself and her two young children (not pictured) received an outpouring of support on social media. (iStock)

Another person also piped up, saying to the original poster, “Isn’t every seat on Eurostar reserved? If someone is in their seats, then that person needs to move. Not you.”

This same commenter added, “They obviously wanted the table seat. They should have booked sooner.”


Someone else wrote, “Americans like that give the rest of us a bad name. I promise, most of us actually know how to act in public.”

Still another person wrote, “You have no obligation to put strangers ahead of you and your family.” Wrote one person on Reddit about the mother’s travel incident, “Why mention their nationality? There were just three people in your seats. They were being entitled.” (iStock)

Wrote a different commenter, “I’ll never understand why people think it’s OK to sit in seats when other people have literally purchased them.”

An assigned seat is an assigned seat. End of discussion.

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