MSNBC’s Joy Reid expressed her fear of leaving her house on July 4th due to her belief that America is “awash with guns.” During an episode of “The Reidout,” Reid engaged in a discussion with Ryan Busse, a former firearms industry executive, about the changes in the country that have turned it into a “shooting gallery.”

Reid stated, “I have to say, I did not go out on July 4th and would not. The idea of going to a mass gathering, a parade, or a big fireworks thing outside seems insane to me, to be blunt, in America, because America is awash with guns, and now people don’t just have them, they seem to want to shoot people with them and use them for whatever, you know?”

Busse offered his perspective, emphasizing that a lot has changed in the last 20 years, with the number of guns in society doubling during that time. He described the widespread ownership of firearms as a significant challenge to democracy, highlighting the potential harm they can cause in a matter of seconds. “The right to own firearms is an immensely powerful thing. In fact, nothing is more targeted at the ability to remove the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of fellow citizens in a second or two, dozens of them as we have seen, than the right to own firearms,” he said.

Reid later mentioned the increase in violent incidents against Asian Americans, attributing it to former President Donald Trump’s association of COVID-19 with China. She criticized the gun industry for capitalizing on such incidents, encouraging the purchase of more guns. Reid expressed concern about the safety of certain professions, like food delivery and package delivery, due to the prevalence of guns. She also criticized stand your ground laws, claiming that they promote the use of firearms instead of merely having them for protection.

Reid and Busse also discussed a recent mass shooting in Philadelphia that resulted in five deaths. The suspect, Kimbrady Carriker, had arrived prepared for a prolonged gunfight, possessing an AR-15 style rifle, a handgun, a police traffic scanner, and a ballistic vest. Despite Carriker’s preparation, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner characterized the attack as a random, premeditated, deliberate killing carried out with an assault rifle.

In a separate discussion on MSNBC’s “All In,” Reid shared her personal experience with affirmative action following the Supreme Court’s ruling against it. She disclosed that she gained admission to Harvard University thanks to affirmative action, recounting a meeting with a Harvard recruiter in Denver, Colorado, where she was attending a lesser-known school. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity affirmative action provided.

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