California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D, released a video on Thursday criticizing the Temecula Valley School District (TVSD) for “censoring” social studies materials that mentioned gay rights activist Harvey Milk.

The video caption read, “A school board in Temecula decided to reject a textbook because it mentioned Harvey Milk. CA is stepping in.”

“We’re going to purchase the book for these students—the same one that hundreds of thousands of kids are already using. If these extremist school board members won’t do their job, we will—and fine them for their incompetence,” it continued.

In the video, Newsom addressed the “parents” in TVSD regarding the board’s decision to exclude the materials.

In response to Newsom’s claims, Dr. Joseph Komrosky, the president of the TVSD Board of Education, issued a statement clarifying that the board did not “ban” the elementary school social studies textbook. Instead, they chose not to adopt a new curriculum, and the supplemental textbook material that mentioned Milk was only one of several objections.

Komrosky emphasized that his statement was personal and not representative of the entire board. He stated, “It is unfortunate that Governor Newsom and others have misrepresented both the actions and the reasons behind the actions taken by the Temecula Valley Unified School District, which were expressly authorized by the California Legislature.”

He explained that the board expressed concerns about the district’s process, including community engagement and the curriculum’s adequacy for English learners and special education students.

At the upcoming July 18 meeting, an alternative curriculum will be presented to the board. If the board does not approve a new curriculum, arrangements have been made with the publisher of the current curriculum to provide sufficient textbooks for all K-5 students.

The conflict between Komrosky and Newsom arose after the TVSD board voted 3-2 in June to reject the pilot curriculum. Protests erupted due to Komrosky’s comments referring to Milk as a “pedophile” during the board’s discussion about the social studies textbook for fourth graders.

Speakers at the TVSD school board meeting on June 11 expressed outrage and criticized the board for their vote. One speaker accused the board of promoting bigotry and advocated for book banning.

At the conclusion of the last board meeting before the end of the school year, Board Member for Trustee Area 1 Allison Barclay, who voted in favor of keeping the social studies materials, expressed her disappointment with the board’s decision.

Source: Fox News

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