Ohio Prosecutors Level New Charges Against Chad Doerman

Ohio prosecutors have filed additional charges against Chad Doerman, the 32-year-old man who was found calmly sitting on his front porch next to a rifle after allegedly shooting and killing his three young sons in broad daylight “in cold blood.”

On June 15, Clermont County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Doerman on three charges of aggravated murder. However, prosecutors have now revealed that Doerman also injured the boys’ mother during the shooting incident. The new charges against him include kidnapping and assault.

“He was their world, he was their guardian, and he executed them in cold blood,” stated Clermont County prosecutor David Gast during the arraignment last week.

Harrowing 911 Audio Reveals Daughter’s Panic

Disturbing bodycam footage shows Doerman conversing calmly with deputies, his arm and shoulder stained with blood. He repeatedly stated, “I ain’t gonna hurt ya. I ain’t gonna hurt nobody,” which sharply contrasts with the frantic 911 calls made by two witnesses.

911 Calls Detail Horrific Events

One witness reported seeing a teenage girl running down the street, desperately seeking help as she claimed that Doerman was “killing everybody in her family.” The witness informed the dispatcher, “She said that her stepfather is killing everybody in her house. I asked her to get in the car with me, and she said she couldn’t leave her family.”

According to the 21-count indictment, Doerman used a Marlin Model HC .22 rifle to gun down his three sons, aged 3, 4, and 7. Two of the boys were executed in a planned manner, while the third attempted to flee into a neighbor’s field before being dragged back home and shot as well.

Disturbing Bodycam Video

The bodycam footage shows Doerman sitting next to his rifle on the porch as deputies arrived after the tragic incident. The screen in the video is partially obscured to hide the bodies of the boys. Deputies swiftly arrested Doerman without any further violence and immediately attempted to provide medical assistance.

“This is by far the most sickening, horrifying crime I have seen,” expressed Clermont County Prosecutor Mark Tekulve. “I can only imagine the terror these little boys felt and experienced as their father – their protector – was murdering them.”

Doerman is currently in custody on $20 million bail and is scheduled to appear in court on June 26.

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