During a Washington Post Live event focused on health equity, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine stated that the government should not be involved in decisions regarding “gender-affirming care.” Levine expressed concerns about the harm caused to transgender youth and their families by politically motivated laws and actions. She emphasized that these measures interfere with the relationship between expert physicians, young patients, and their families, and stated that it is not the place of the government to intervene.

Levine also discussed the changing narrative surrounding transgender care and expressed optimism about the progress being made. She suggested that continued conversations and efforts are necessary to promote health equity and support vulnerable youth and their families.

Rachel Levine on the Washington Post

Rachel Levine discussed health equity at Washington Post Live on Thursday. (Washington Post)

NYNNC Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine argues against government involvement in “gender-affirming care”

Despite facing opposition from Republican lawmakers and new laws, Levine remains hopeful about the changing narrative surrounding transgender care. She believes that conversations and efforts should continue to focus on supporting vulnerable youth and their families, and promoting health equity.

A video posted on the official HHS Instagram account suggests extending Pride Month beyond June, declaring it a “Summer of Pride.” Levine emphasizes the importance of ongoing discussions and changing the narrative about health equity, families, and young people to overcome challenges and make progress.

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