Residents in a senior facility in Seattle, Washington are living in fear as a nearby homeless encampment filled with guns and drugs continues to expand, now boasting an inflatable swimming pool.

One resident, Diane Radischat, expressed her outrage at the situation, stating that the problem has been escalating for years without being addressed.

“We’ve had homeless encampments over the years across the street where this one is located, but nothing like this,” Radischat said. “They’re destroying the land.”


Residents of Arrowhead Gardens have reported regularly hearing gunfire coming from the encampment. Footage obtained by KOMO News also shows a woman using what appears to be fentanyl next to the large blow-up pool.

“[Residents] are now afraid to go out at night,” Radischat said. “The daytime sometimes is not much better. We’ve never had issues with guns before. This is a constant issue with guns with the present occupants.”

The encampment was able to obtain water for the pool by blocking a fire hydrant and breaking into it, according to Radischat.

Swimming pool homeless encampment

“These people come in and totally trash the place,” Highland Park resident Herb Egge told KOMO News after learning about the swimming pool.
(KOMO News)

The Washington Department of Transportation issued a statement on the complaints, saying that they are working together to address the site and provide housing and shelter resources for the unhoused individuals at Myers Way.

Radischat called the response “absolutely outrageous” and criticized the city for not resolving housing for the homeless sooner.

“Seniors are a protected group of people, and we don’t feel like we’ve been protected,” she argued. “We feel unsafe in our own homes. We’ve lived our life and paid our taxes, and we should be able to relax and enjoy our environment and our homes.”


Despite the risk, Radischat stated that she plans to stay and believes that the issue will eventually be resolved with proper intervention.

“It’s a human issue. These people need housing. There are many things that we need. We just need the people whose job it is to clear this encampment to actually do their job,” she said.

Fox News’ Nikolas Lanum contributed to this report

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