The Secret Service is currently investigating the presence of cocaine in the White House, but no suspects have been identified yet, as per an anonymous source from Fox News Digital. It remains uncertain whether the perpetrator will ever be found. Officials have admitted the possibility of being unable to determine who brought the drugs into the White House on Sunday. Multiple tests, including DNA and fingerprint tests, have been performed on the cocaine container.

The investigation is expected to conclude early next week. According to the source, the drugs were discovered in a phone cubby located in the lower-level West Wing lobby, specifically at an entrance off West Executive Avenue. This entrance is typically used by the vice president, cabinet secretaries, White House staff, and others. It is not a place frequented by heads of state and is accessible only to those on special tours guided by White House staff.

The Secret Service has received a letter from Republican Sen. Tom Cotton regarding the incident and intends to respond. On Wednesday, it was confirmed that the substance found in a bag in the West Wing was indeed cocaine. This led to the deployment of a hazmat team and fire department, with the Secret Service blocking the surrounding streets of the White House.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed reporters’ questions but refrained from providing specific details, highlighting that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter were at Camp David during the weekend. Jean-Pierre stated that the area where the drugs were found is heavily utilized by visitors to the West Wing. She emphasized that no further information was available at the moment.

While the identity of the culprit remains unknown to federal investigators, online bookmakers have humorously speculated that Hunter Biden, who has a history of substance abuse, is the most probable candidate. has given him +170 odds. Other humorous candidates listed on the betting site include Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who recently visited the White House.

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