Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas, has challenged President Biden and “woke” corporations to demonstrate as much pride in America as they exhibited during LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

On Friday, Hunt introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to designate July as “American Pride Month.” The goal of the proposal is to “celebrate, memorialize, and raise awareness of the significant accomplishments of the United States of America and the numerous patriots throughout its history who have made this nation the last best hope of earth.”

As LGBTQ+ Pride Month comes to an end, numerous corporations adopt the colors of the Pride flag every year to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. On May 31, Biden declared June as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Pride Month” to honor and celebrate sexual diversity.

The White House faced accusations of violating the US flag code by displaying a rainbow-colored Pride flag alongside two American flags on a banister overlooking the South Lawn.

Hunt remarked that while overwhelming displays of LGBTQ+ pride occur, American pride is declining. A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that feelings of patriotism in the US have dropped by 30 points since 1998. The Texas Republican believes that naming July as “American Pride Month” could help reverse this trend.

“As President Reagan said in his farewell address to the nation, ‘If we forget what we did, we won’t know who we are.’ American Pride Month is about teaching our history to the next generation and passing on the values of what it means to be an American,” Hunt expressed to NYNNC Digital.

“This resolution also challenges the White House and woke corporations,” he added. “Will they fly the Old Glory as high and proudly in July as they did the LGBTQ flag in June?”

To promote American pride, Hunt plans to make a pro-America social media post every day throughout July with the hashtag “#AmericanPrideMonth.” He hopes to launch a viral campaign that honors the US and rekindles patriotism in the nation.

“America’s history is worth teaching, our story is worth remembering, and our progress is worth celebrating,” Hunt stated. “One nation under God. One flag for the United States of America.”

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