Ukraine has created its own artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, surpassing what Western militaries thought was possible. According to Brett Velicovich, a Fox News contributor embedded in Ukraine, the country’s innovation on the battlefield is exceptional, and Western governments are unaware of the advancements taking place. They simply can’t keep up. AI has played a crucial role in Ukraine’s success against Russia, providing them with advantages they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

“The Ukrainians are doing a ton of stuff. I mean, this innovation on the battlefield is out of this world right now. And, honestly, the U.S. government, Western governments, have no idea the innovation that’s taking place. They can’t keep up with it,” said Brett Velicovich.

According to National Defense magazine, the Ukraine war has become an “unprecedented testing ground for AI.” Both sides have extensively used drones and loitering munitions, along with AI-enhanced autonomous capabilities. George Dubynskiy, the deputy minister of digital transformation in Ukraine, explained that creating their own AI platform allowed engineers to customize it specifically for their needs. They evaluated ten platforms before deciding to develop their own in mid-2022 and deploying it by the end of the year.

“The ministry looked at ten AI platforms before deciding it would benefit more from an original one, which it started sometime around mid-year 2022 and deployed by the end of the year. Though Dubynskiy made clear the ministry is constantly working to improve and further develop it,” stated George Dubynskiy.

One of the advantages of developing their own AI platform is that Ukraine can utilize the necessary data without sharing sensitive information with a commercial company. This has been particularly useful in their extensive use of computer vision technology, utilizing a network of closed-circuit television cameras and other monitoring infrastructure. Computer vision, which focuses on the analysis and interpretation of visual data using AI, has proven beneficial in various industries and tasks.

Peter Aitken is a Fox News Digital reporter with a focus on national and global news.

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