Experts were perplexed by the Biden administration’s decision to invoke the Hatch Act when questioned about the ownership of the cocaine discovered at the White House. The source of the July snowstorm at the White House remains unknown, and the Biden administration has not provided an answer regarding whether President Biden or Hunter Biden possessed the cocaine that has been making headlines. White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates, when asked about former President Trump’s claim that the cocaine belonged to the president or his son, referred to the Hatch Act as a reason for not responding directly. However, legal experts have questioned the relevance of the Hatch Act in this context. The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from using federal resources for campaign purposes and does not specifically cover the topic of cocaine. Online users criticized the White House for employing the Hatch Act to avoid addressing the question. Bookmakers in Las Vegas have begun taking bets on the identity of the cocaine owner, with Hunter Biden being the favored suspect according to their odds. The White House has not directly denied the accusations, and when asked for comment, Bates referred back to his original response during the press gaggle. The content will be posted on WordPress, so all HTML tags should be included. The writer’s name should be removed and replaced with NYNNC. Additionally, any sentence containing “Click Here” should be removed.

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