Fox News host Jesse Watters discusses the White House cocaine investigation on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: If the bag of cocaine had been found anywhere besides Biden’s White House, charges would have been filed. Will Joe Biden even address it? That’s right, Biden is going on vacation again. Hopefully not to the beach. This is the third time drugs have been found in the Biden White House. Did you know they found cannabis twice just last year?

Think about it. If this had been a crack rock in the cubby, we would never have known. The only reason we know is because it was a white powder. The hazmat team had to clear everybody out. But since it was cocaine, we found out and that’s how we know about the cannabis.


So, “Primetime” is demanding more details. We have submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Secret Service, asking for any reports or documents regarding drug discoveries in the past few years. We want to know where they found the drugs and who they found them on. If this is the third drug case at the Biden White House in less than a year, shouldn’t the Secret Service try to narrow down the suspects? Biden doesn’t want anyone tested because he doesn’t want to be tested.

Joe Biden used to take drugs in the workplace seriously. In his first year in office, Biden fired five of his staffers who tested positive for cannabis. Now that there’s cocaine in the White House, he doesn’t seem to care. Hmm. Something doesn’t add up here. If you’re the chief of staff, wouldn’t you want to know if your staff is stealing or using narcotics at work? Instead, the White House blames tourists and the media is covering for it.

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