A debate over funding more policing caused Wisconsin state Sen. LaTonya Johnson to condemn suburban areas of her state, saying they know nothing of city life.

Politicians in Wisconsin have been debating a multi-year spending plan that covers topics ranging from politicized education to law enforcement. The Associated Press noted that the two-year budget would “cut income taxes across the board, increase funding for K-12 schools and cut the University of Wisconsin’s budget in a fight over diversity, equity and inclusion programming” and is “up for final approval in the Republican-controlled Legislature on Thursday.”

AP reporter Scott Bauer summarized that there had been a specific debate among the lawmakers about “crime in Milwaukee and concerns about it spreading from the city to the suburbs,” which sparked a fiery response from Johnson.

“F— the suburbs, because they don’t know a g–damn thing about how life is in the city,” she proclaimed on the senate floor. Wisconsin state Sen. LaTonya Johnson shares her views on the suburbs. (WisconsinEye)


“Cursing on the floor of the Senate and Assembly is certainly not unprecedented, but it is highly unusual,” Bauer noted.

Politicians and commentators slammed the lawmaker’s statement. “.@StateSenLaTonya, many don’t know what it’s like to live in Milwaukee. I’m grateful to live in a safe community and I want those that live in Milwaukee to experience that same level of safety. To not fear shootings, reckless drivers, car jackings, etc. I pray we agree on this,” Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney said.

Writer Harris Rigby wrote a piece for satire website The Babylon Bee’s real news counterpart “Not The Bee,” where he called out the lawmaker’s rhetoric as part of a larger phenomenon of Democrats’ indifference to crime.

“Crime in Milwaukee is insane and it is no longer contained to the city. More and more people are at risk because Democrats, like Johnson, refuse to take crime seriously,” he wrote.

Rigby went on to note, “Even the editor of the Wisconsin Law Journal, not exactly a right-wing group,” has slammed the state senator as well. Wisconsin Law Journal managing editor Steve Schuster called upon Johnson to step down from her position on Thursday. Crime and the funding of law enforcement remain contentious issues in American politics as many cities see rising rates of homicide and theft. (Aimee Dilger/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)WISCONSIN’S GOP-CONTROLLED SENATE APPROVES 2-YEAR BUDGET THAT CUTS TAXES, FUNDING FOR UNIVERSITY OF WI

“What if a suburban senator said, ‘F-ck the city.’ How would that play in Milwaukee? Dialogues like this is not only counter-productive to the values of the senator’s constituents, but also is far out of alignment with the value of all Wisconsinites,” he wrote.

Schuster went on to say, “Hate for the suburbs or anyone or any place in Wisconsin has no home here. Resign Sen. LaTonya Johnson, Wisconsin doesn’t have the time for your hate and lack of civility.”

However, some came to Johnson’s defense, saying she was merely defending her community.

“Senator Johnson spoke passionately to defend the communities she represents. Republicans who continuously weopanize [sic] and villinize [sic] the people of Milwaukee without accountability need to answer for constantly legislating racism,” the account representing Wisconsin Democratic state Rep. Francesca Hong wrote. “These absurd times in state gov call for real talk.” Alexander Hall is an associate editor for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to [email protected].”.

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